Point of Sale Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence
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About POS.AI

POS.AI is an application that recognises and tracks customers at the POS (Point of Sale) via AI - Artificial Intelligence.

POS.AI unique features will help you to:

Get insights of your customers’ experience by means of location and time.

Enhance the design of your retail area or exhibition booth to boost customers' experience.

Locate the optimal placement for promotion, messaging and products.

Improve your marketing strategy and sales efficiency.

At the current stage, the application can accurately identify, locate and count people. Recognition of age, gender and mood (demographics) is made possible. The resulting data can be used to create precise evaluations (KPIs).


  • Detailed visitor numbers for each day, zone and even individual areas
  • Record the exact position and walking distance of an individual person
  • Detect high frequented areas and queues
  • Track and discover the duration of stay of your visitors for specific areas
  • Use activity tracking to detect engagements for Points of Interest
  • A/B Test allows you to compare the performance
  • Visitors’ age
  • Visitors’ gender
  • Visitors’ mood
  • How long visitors watched a specific screen and what was their emotion?
  • Responsive Content – Show content that is adjusted to spectators


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